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If you are preparing an event or launching a new product, you need to make sure people know about it - this is where good promotional staff comes in. Mostly women work in this field, but men can also generate high sales figures if they are able to present themselves and the offered product well or sell it within the framework of a promotion.

A promotion can take place anywhere, for example at a fair, in a department store or on the street.

The promoter can offer product samples, distribute reading samples or hand out flyers. For these purposes, promotion staff must have a certain kind of personality - they should be warm and friendly and also convey this to the audience. Staff.Direct organizes the placement of experienced promoters and saves you all the work of selecting the right staff.

The promotion staff we provide has already been casted and has given us a set card. You don't have to place advertisements in the media and you don't have to interview anyone. We have already taken care of all this for you.

Promoters need to be open, friendly and direct in their behaviour and not afraid to approach customers.

Depending on how much customer contact is desired, sales experience can also be an advantage. Promotion is not just handing out flyers, it requires a lot of skills depending on what you want to promote.

Promotion staff

What skills do promoters need?

1. Promoters need to have certain qualifications, which you as a customer should clearly formulate:

2. Outfit: Do you require a certain style of clothing? It may be necessary for the promotion staff to wear a certain costume. This is another thing you should let us know when you send us your booking enquiry.

3. Are the promotion materials already on site or should the promoter pick them up? Does anything have to be assembled? Should the promoter do this?

If you are looking for promotional staff, you should formulate the requirements in advance. After that, please send us your booking enquiry and we will select suitable promoters from our portfolio according to your requirements. Based on our pre-selection, you will be sure to find the right promotion staff for your corporate or product promotion.

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