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Catering staff

The catering staff's main task is to provide food and drinks for various events, staff canteens, airlines or canteen kitchens. However, catering staff is responsible for far more varied and complex tasks than simply preparing, arranging and delivering meals.

The catering staff we provide has first-class professional training and relevant experience in the catering sector. Whether you are looking for hostesses for canteen kitchens, weddings, large events, company parties and other events, we have the ideal staff for each of your requirements.

Our catering staff excel at teamwork, have a high degree of social competence and are flexible, professional and creative. We also focus on ensuring maximum safety in the area of infection protection legislation. In our mandatory training, the staff not only learn how to safely carry plates and glasses, but also how to arrange the meals in a creative and attractive manner.

In addition, we have first-class multilingual catering staff, so that we can also professionally serve and take care of your international guests at ceremonies and events.

Just let us know what kind of event you are organizing, what you need, and we will select the best catering staff for you.

Our staff's professionalism and competence will help make all your events a success.

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